Barn Art Gallery

July 5, 2010

market 027 180x180 Barn Art GalleryThe Barn Gallery is located just outside of the Grand Lodge Hotel in Mont Tremblant and filled with great local art, paintings and sculptures.

Holly Friesen who pretty much runs the show at the Barn greeted us as we walked in. The ambiance couldn’t be more perfect. There was great music playing as I looked around and the big open doors overlooking the forest were just breathtaking. The Barn Gallery is a must see if you are in the area.

Please take a look at their website for upcomming events and exhibitions. They also have different dj’s and live poetry walks.

I truly love this place, I posted some more photos ..

market 038 600x450 Barn Art Gallery

Outside shot of the Barn Art gallery

market 031 600x450 Barn Art Gallery

Inside the barn, some amazing sculptures

market 023 600x450 Barn Art Gallery

market 032 600x450 Barn Art Gallery

Doesn't that look relaxing

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