Tremblant Antique Car Show

July 8, 2010

chevyI stumbled upon an awesome Antiques Car Show on Sunday. Wow!  They had some real beauties.

I tended to take a closer look at the 70’s and 80’s cars while my mom was reliving her honeymoon with the Cadillac’s and Thunderbird’s.  It was the 5th Edition Antiques Car Show for Mont Tremblant.

People were able to vote for their favorite for the “People’s Choice Award”.  I voted for the forest green Jaguar XKE just because I fell in love with the carved wooden glove compartment.

The truth is, I had way more than one favorite. I could have easily drove home with all of them.

Here are  pictures of some of the gems.


Looked just like the car from the Dukes of Hazards


The winner of numerous trophies

jaguar glove box

Grease Lightning

It's Grease Lightning



A real beauty

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