Boogie Wonder Band

August 29, 2011
boogiewonerband 0352 180x180 Boogie Wonder Band

Boogie Wonder Band was in Tremblant this past Saturday night and my girlfriends had the night scheduled for some dancing, so it was obvious where we were headed. I’ve heard of Boogie Wonder Band because they’ve been to Tremblant before but I hadn’t seen them yet, so we started the night with dinner and drinks at La Diable before we made it up to the Plaza.

The show started at nine and I had no idea what to expect, but when we got to the show it was jammed packed and the party was already in full swing. I tried to squeeze my way in through the crowd and everyone was so happy, dancing and totally loving the music. The resort did a great job bringing these guys in because they really catered to a lot of people. Even if you aren’t a fan of disco, so many people know the words and were singing out load, granny’s, little kids, you couldn’t help but shake it to the classic hits.

People were having tons of fun and the band put on a seriously entertaining show with all the bells and whistles. I headed home after about an hour and as I started to write this post in my bed and I could hear the party on the resort still going.

Here are a few pics

boogiewonerband 018 1024x577 Boogie Wonder Band

boogiewonerband 0353 1024x577 Boogie Wonder Band

boogiewonerband 054 1024x577 Boogie Wonder Band

Isaac "The Jam" Washington

boogiewonerband 036 1024x577 Boogie Wonder Band





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