Marché de Noël

December 22, 2012

IMG 45171 180x180 Marché de NoëlAll summer long we are blessed with the fabulous local summer market located in the old village.  This year they decided to treat us to a Christmas Market (Marché des Fêtes) at City Hall in St.Jovite. Its a one day only deal but I’ll take it!  If only they did this every week-end all year round, it would be so great.

As usual you can find all the local artisans and suppliers that we see during the summer months.

Being way behind in my gift shopping so far, I thought that going local for presents was the way to go this year.  Bought some tea, cookies,  tourtière, homemade jams for my mom, a gingerbread house and my usual favourite, Baklava.  The big treat was all the cooks outside on the big giant meat grill.  I had some sausages and some different hams and massive slices of bacon.  It was so good, sorry vegetarians but your missin’ out on this.

Here a few pics


IMG 4506 1024x682 Marché de Noël

IMG 4514 1024x682 Marché de Noël

IMG 4497 1024x869 Marché de Noël

IMG 4498 1024x696 Marché de Noël

IMG 4495 1024x682 Marché de Noël

IMG 4517 1024x640 Marché de Noël

IMG 4496 1024x682 Marché de Noël

IMG 4526 827x1024 Marché de Noël


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