New Market in Town

January 30, 2012

crosscountry m2go 0301 180x180 New Market in TownA new little market opened right near the resort and has become my new favourite place.  Its located on chemin du village between the resort and the old village of Mont Tremblant under the offices of Sotheby’s. It’s called M2Go.  They have a wide range of speciality items and fantastic meals that are pre made and fresh.  They carry losts of meals you would find at Milly’s Restaurant and also the bakery L’Accent Chantant that used to be located on top of the coffee shop beside Daniel Lachance, also on the way to the old village.

I live in the Pinoteau village, so for me its become a weekly habit to get a few things for the week.  The crab cakes are great as well as the lasagne, they also have great caesar salad.  The chocolate croissants are the real deal as well as their pizzas.  They carry nice tea’s as well as Illys coffee, fine crackers, great gluten free salad dressings, shrimp, scallops and that’s what I have tried so far.  If you are coming up for the week-end and you don’t feel like going out or cooking, try it, it’s good stuff.

crosscountry m2go 029 1024x457 New Market in Town

crosscountry m2go 021 1024x809 New Market in Town

The lasagne is awesome with the ceasar

crosscountry m2go 023 1024x577 New Market in Town

I need to venture into the cupcakes next time, I haven't yet

crosscountry m2go 018 1024x577 New Market in Town

crosscountry m2go 027 1024x855 New Market in Town

I've had all 3 of these and I love them all!

crosscountry m2go 025 1024x577 New Market in Town

crosscountry m2go 026 1024x548 New Market in Town

Nice gifts too


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