Rainy Walk On Le Geant

May 10, 2013

Le petit train du NordI came home from a long day at work and right away decided to go for a walk in the rain.  I felt I needed to breath in the fresh air.  There had been  loud thunder and some lightning a little earlier on but it seemed safe at this point. I could see the clouds clearing up.

The weather has been great lately and its hard to imagine there was a snow storm of 20 cm a few weeks ago followed by some 28 degree weather.  The trees are quickly busting out with their leaves.  A few days ago there was hardly anything and in the span of a 4-5 day period the green is all over.

Here are a few pics of my walk with Toots, enjoy.



Mont Tremblant



Le Geant Golf with Toots


Rainy Golf Le Geant



geant rain3good


forest Petit train du nord


Mont Tremblant


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    • Suki F says:

      I love your photos! It is the middle of the dry season here but they made me want to put on a sweater and get a hot chocolate.

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