Spartan Tremblant 2013

July 1, 2013

sr cmyk round bb 180x180 Spartan Tremblant 2013The Spartan Race in Mont Tremblant has become my favorite event of the year.  Almost every week in Tremblant there is an event and this one does not fail to impress in almost every category.

When I first blogged about this event 3 years ago I didn’t think it would become as huge as it has.  This year there was 5500 participants and the energy in the Domaine St.Bernard was awesome. The music was blaring, tons of people roaming around with mud covered bodies and some looked like they had been to hell and back.  The people behind the event really did a great job organizing it all, it seemed chaotic but in theory everything went really smoothly. I was there because we, Scandinave Spa, had a tent to provide free massages to all the athletes.  We had a blast and I plan on being there every year to support this great event!

Here are some pictures I took and I added a pretty funny video of one of the many starts to the race.  Every half hour, a chunk of people would take off to some pretty epic music to get the people revved up, too funny.


hanging post 600x450 Spartan Tremblant 2013


fightpost 600x450 Spartan Tremblant 2013

Just when you think its over, you get a beating before the finish line!

sebsuspendedpost 600x450 Spartan Tremblant 2013

Some guy hanging horizontally for 30 seconds and our masso therapist giving it a go for the climb!


firepost 600x450 Spartan Tremblant 2013

Out of the lake and over the fire for the final stretch


rope 600x450 Spartan Tremblant 2013

massage post 600x450 Spartan Tremblant 2013

Our masso helping the athletes with prep massages and some with crazy cramps that required immediate assistance.


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