The Perfect Spa Day

April 2, 2013

scandinave spa mont tremblant 180x180 The Perfect Spa DayEveryone loves to hang out at a spa.  I finally decided to write about where I work, the Scandinave Spa,  why not inform the people about one of the must do’s if you are in Tremblant.  Whether your in the area for the day, an over nighter, or a mini vacation, you should definitely stop by for a visit,  if you know what’s good for you.

The Scandinave Spa is a great experience.  We specialize in therapeutic baths as well as massages.  Our spa is set in a natural and peaceful setting along the Diable River.



scandinave spa mont tremblant riviere The Perfect Spa Day

We offer 4 different types of massages, Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone and my favourite, the Thai. Being an employee of the spa, I have obviously tried all 4 types and depending on the season, I have my favourites.

The hot stone massage is a good detox massage. It’s beneficial for blood circulation, the lymphatic system, and the immune system.  The deep tissue massage is the type of massage that aims to loosen deep muscles. The actions are gentle and concentrated on a single part of the body that requires specific attention. The Swedish massage is good all the time, I vary it up a bit depending on if I want to relax or need a more therapeutic Swedish and the Thai massage is just awesome.  It’s a different style completely, the main difference is that you are clothed and you are on mat with the therapist. It’s invigorating and inspired by Thai techniques, I feel so great after this type of massage.


CroppedImage1400710 siteautomne2 1024x519 The Perfect Spa Day

One of my favourite pictures of the spa

I suggest to any of my friends who come to visit that the best time is the evening during  a weekday when it’s a little quieter.  If you can do 3 cycles of hydrotherapy, hot, cold relaxation you definitely get all the benefits.  If you can end the experience with a massage, you are good to go and should feel like a million dollars.

spaposssssst The Perfect Spa Day

The hydrotherapy uses hot and cold stimuli to illicit specific reactions from the body to relieve stress, soothe the skin and muscles, calm the organs and improve circulation.

Cold is stimulating, and therefore causes blood vessels to constrict. Hot water, in contrast, relaxes and causes blood vessels to dilate, facilitating the removal of wastes and toxins from body tissues.  One of the great things about our spa is that all year round you can access the river for a refreshingly cold option.

dip in river The Perfect Spa Day

Even during the cold winter, you have to do a quick dip in the river

We have members that come by at least 3 times a week that can be in and out of the spa within just a little over an hour and others that can make more of an event of their day. Either way, it’s a great place to work.  Most people are happy to be here and I am for sure proud and happy about that.  When I park my car in the morning and walk over the bridge and smell the wood burning from the mini fire-pit with eucalyptus steam in the air, I love it.  It starts a work day on the right foot. I feel privileged to be part of this team.  Our staff is great and I truly enjoy all their company, we have a great bunch of people working for us.  If you are in the neighbourhood,  I highly suggest a visit to treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa.  Hopefully, you will enjoy it like thousands of people do each year.

spa awesome The Perfect Spa Day

airial The Perfect Spa Day


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